Eliminate On Site Servers. Save Money. Increase Security.

Access Servers, Desktops, Business Applications and Files from Any Device, Securely with customized settings and features.

Server virtualization allows businesses to access their files and applications without being tethered to a specific physical location. Server virtualization creates an immediate solution for redundancy, backup, disaster recovery, mobility and physical security.

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TetherView virtual desktops keep your data secure in a SSAE16 Tier 3 datacenter with data encryption and a two-factor sign-in.


TetherView virtual desktops can be accessed from any device, anywhere.


TetherView virtual desktops allows you to add and remove users easily and reduce your company’s bandwidth.


TetherView virtual desktops are hosted on geo-redundant datacenters, allowing for full data replication on state-of-the-art equipment.

The TetherView Turnkey Methodology

TetherView starts with a full assessment of your existing environment and we then creates a custom design and implementation plan to suit your individual needs. TetherView provides deployment, training and support you need for a smooth transition from a physical to a virtual IT environment.

TetherView is proud to be the best in breed provider of turnkey business cloud services. We provide our customers with superior customer support because of our dedicated team of engineers and technical support staff. Each member of our team is trained and ready to face any challenge your business faces.

Included in our low monthly fee:

  • Migration and Implementation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Operating system and upgrades
  • Anti-virus/anti-malware services
  • Customer support
  • Datacenter management
  • Free Trial

Our Services

Migration Plan

Your TetherView experience begins with a customized plan created by our sales and system engineers to meet your specific needs.


Your TetherView private cloud is custom engineered to meet your business needs with an eye to cost effectiveness and scalability.


TetherView utilizes the best in breed technology for creating your virtualized infrastructure with a SSAE 16 Tier 3 datacenter.

User Experience

TetherView minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity with a non-disruptive implementation.

Tested and Tested again

The TetherView private cloud is tested for security, reliability and performance and every month we conduct full recovery testing. Each customer’s private cloud is tested prior to deployment and every customer receives full support and training.


The TetherView solution allows you to easily turn users on or off, add users and monitor access and usage. TetherView is your built-in business continuity plan.

If you don’t find the services you are looking for, please contact us.

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"We became a TetherView client and reseller and have been impressed by the TetherView team’s interest and ability to understand our environment and work with us supporting our unique IT needs. We wanted to use what we sell, so we setup our team. The setup was quick and painless. Any issues we had were resolved quickly. For selling the service, we appreciate their focus on helping us understand and deliver the infrastructure as a service sales pitch. TetherView stays close to us without being a distraction and their support response times are measured in minutes not hours or days. We find them to be highly responsible and reliable and that is critical to any strong partnership."

Scott E. Palmquist

Company : Computer Support Team, Inc
Designation : CEO

"We learned of TetherView at Producer’s Club and agreed to connect more formally once we all returned from the event. Rich and the TV team met with us to give us a deeper look at their solution so that we could become fully comfortable with it as we considered it for our internal network and for our clients. Soon after, we had a law firm perfectly suited for the TetherView solution. I called Rich on a Friday and told him we needed the client up and running immediately. The TV team over the weekend built and tested the environment and had it available to us by Monday for our review and Tuesday for deployment with the client. This kind of support from our vendors makes all the difference. When our customers really need us to respond quickly and we need vendors that will do the same. Tetherview is one of those vendors. Deploying the Tether View solution to the client is straight forward and easy to understand and use. We strongly recommend TetherView and if you’d like to hear more about our experience, please feel free to contact me directly."

Blair Harro

Company : Able Computer Services
Designation : President

"Our group spent time with TetherView over the course of the week, and I really liked what they had to offer. As soon as I got back, I was on the phone with them, setting up my own solution. The guys at Tether View, not just Rich and Mike, but the engineers as well have all been so helpful and patient with me getting me going on this. All great guys to work with. I have some great examples of things I used this for, right out of the box the first day. I've actually changed my business model a bit to accommodate what I plan to do with Cloud now."

Fred Hughes

Company : Phoenix Technology Solutions
Designation : Prinicipal

“These guys are truly the best. They have an amazing product at an amazing price point that allows us as MSP's to have nice margins. They are dedicated to helping you with each customer and making sure you are setup correctly. I can't say enough great things about the entire TetherView Team give them a chance you won't be disappointed!! Call me with any questions I would be glad to talk about their amazing program!”

Daniel Tomaszewski

Company : Bulldog IT Services
Designation : Chief Operating Officer

“More and more, RedEye is focused on providing cloud and infrastructure solutions to our client and prospect base. Over the past 4 months we’ve vetted several vendors. Our process concluded that TetherView is our vendor of choice. TetherView’s leadership team and technology team is readily available and committed to providing quality and timely information to me and my team on all matters. They have demonstrated that our clients are their clients. In fact, it has allowed us to finally feel secure in offering a proper cloud platform."

Ed Wenzel

Company : Red Eye, Inc
Designation : CEO

“Our relationship with TetherView is profitable and extremely successful. My customer wins with the TetherView Solution and my business grows because I can service more clients.”

Jim Brennan

Company : Managed Services IT
Designation : President

“TetherView provided their solution to one of our clients in full production BEFORE putting the client into billing demonstrating to us that TetherView stands behind their work and that they fully understand how to work with an MSP and “trusted advisor”. LAS is poised to capture a lion’s share of the cloud computing infrastructure opportunity in our serving area and the TetherView margin opportunity is significantly growing our business. We proudly recommend TetherView as a solution partner!”

Toby Lawrence

Company : Lawrence Advisory Group
Designation : President

"TetherView solved all of my IT needs; now I have a secure IT interface, my employees are mobile and can log in with any device from any place at any time My costs are down, my systems are up and TetherView solutions allowed me to focus on my core business rather than on computer issues."  

Liam Gilroy

Company : True North Financial
Designation : Principal

"We use graphic design applications, which are both processor-intensive and bandwidth-intensive. All I can say about TetherView is, WOW!  With my TetherView environment, I can access what I need, from anywhere, even from my iPad, with 100% performance and no latency."

Dominick Ciccarelli

Company : Think Design
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