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The global war for quality manufacturing talent is raging. The problem continues to get worse as Baby Boomers are beginning to retire and younger generations continue to shy away from the industry. A significant portion of the labor force doesn’t view manufacturing as a viable career, particularly with the assumption that many roles will be filled by artificial intelligence in the years to come.

Between 2018 and 2028, there could be 2.4 million vacant manufacturing jobs. Skill gaps only exacerbate the problem. But new cloud communication technologies could help companies overcome these challenges by improving operations, increasing retention rates, and incentivizing potential employees with a more enticing career option.

Enhancing Productivity through Increased Communication Efficiency

Workers are increasingly being asked to do more in less time. In order to make this possible, manufacturing companies need processes that can automate significant portions of existing workloads. It is vital that these companies embrace analytics to improve efficiency, manage supply chain gaps, and ensure that employees have all of the tools they need to communicate seamlessly coworkers,  managers and shareholders.

Cloud communications have the ability to provide unified communications-as-a-service (UCaas). This enables manufacturing businesses the ability to streamline their communications solutions, bring voice, messaging, video, and even SMS into a single platform.

With UCaaS, workers can use any internet connected device to make and receive calls, thus allowing them to remain connected no matter where they are in the facility, office, or on the road. Additional features like call forwarding, visual voicemail, and virtual receptionists, ensures every message will make it to the right person.

Using APIs to Integrate Key Technologies into One Platform

With APIs, manufacturing companies can integrate cloud UCaaS with a wide variety of other business-critical technologies. CRM, IoT-enabled machines, productivity tools, and file-sharing solutions such as TetherView Sync can all work seamlessly with the UCaaS, ultimately increasing the level of convenience and accelerating workflows.

Integrations can boost productivity, by connecting critical information in CRMs to the UCaaS so employees can look up phone numbers, reach out to coworkers, take calls, and track messages all from a single platform. With real-time alert capabilities, UCaaS integrations managers and maintenance professionals are immediately notified when production equipment goes offline or falls outside of the operational norms.

When the UCaaS is connected to a control tower communications software, supply chains can be monitored, and logistics managers can communicate with vendors, truck drivers, and anyone else involved in the supply chain directly from the platform. Improved analytics eliminates waste and improve efficiency, streamlining workflows for optimal performance while ensuring that the customer receives the service they deserve.

Improving Recruitment and Retention Metrics

Many workers prefer to work with companies who are at the technological forefront of their industries. Being a cutting-edge and innovative organization can make recruitment and retention easier, particularly when it comes to tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z workers.

By embracing UCaaS, younger generations will be more open to manufacturing jobs. Prioritizing digital transformation could be the key to growing your talent pool and keeping your best and brightest on staff. Plus, employees of all ages will benefit, as they will have the ability to work smarter not harder–ensuring productivity goals are met and the company is able to thrive.

If you are ready to overcome labor shortages by implementing a leading cloud communications platform, contact TetherView to learn more about our robust and feature-rich solutions and see how we can provide manufacturing businesses with the technology they need at prices they can afford.

Michael Abboud , February 6, 2022
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