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Protect & Secure your IT Infrastructure

Virtual Desktops keeping companies safe, secure, & compliant 
Organizations can't take a lazy approach to their IT infrastructure with how technically savvy cyber criminals have become. Staying up to date on new threats has quickly become a full time job and many organizations struggle to find the resources & time to properly formulate a winning IT formula.
Here at TetherView, we provide military grade security in conjunction with banking grade compliance by utilizing the best technologies including:
  • High-Performance Virtual Desktops
  • Zero-Trust Environment with 24/7 monitoring
  • SOC, HIPAA, & FINRA compliant Private Clouds
  • Geo-Redundant servers with cold backups
  • Managed Email & Email Protection
The big question is always, where do we start? While there isn't a simple cut & dry answer to that question, what we are offering is a FREE risk assessment of your IT infrastructure with our CEO Michael Abboud. Throughout this call, you will go over what you're running currently, your future IT goals, and how we can come in and help you achieve those goals & keep the bad guys at bay.
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