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We say the following without irony: prevention is always better than a cure.

This saying can be applied for almost all facets of life, when the discussion is about being proactive or having to react to an event. Given the events of the day, we understand that preparing for the realities of COVID-19 were next to impossible. However, we at TethterView, believe that today’s reaction can be tomorrow’s preventative measure.

This is why we continue to tout VDI as the best solution, not only for business continuity and cyber security, but also for mobility.

Consider this: in a traditional setup, the desktop environment resides on one physical computer, regardless of whether it is a desktop or a laptop. Outside of that one computer, that specific user’s environment is largely inaccessible. So, if that computer fails, they can’t access their desktop environment. This was one of the biggest hurdles companies’ had to solve for during this pandemic. Their need resulted in overworked IT teams setting up hundreds of laptops, so employees could access files—or worse yet, enabling teams to access files on unsecured home networks with relatively uncomplicated passwords.

With a virtual desktop, the desktop environment is stored on a server and accessed through a specific application or compatible web browser over the internet. Once an employee logs into the virtual desktop system, they can view and interact with their desktop environment. All their programs, folders, and even their wallpaper are available through the remote server.

Additionally, by utilizing a VDI, users are accessing the platform through a secure encrypted tunnel. For example, our VDI deployments provide an extra security layer by giving end-users access to the user interface only. We do not grant anyone outside of the TetherView team access to the management console itself, unless requested and authorized by the organization. Moreover, every action is tracked through a management interface, which is perfect for any compliance requirement. Similarly, end-users can only access their virtualized environment. This gives admins the peace of mind, that the virtual desktop environment will stay safe even if an individual user’s experience is compromised. Finally, admins can segment or partition data from users, ensuring each user ONLY has access to files or folders relevant to their specific function or position.

The human body cannot function without the heart pumping blood. The IT infrastructure that supports a business is like a heart in a human. The services should always be operational, or the business would cease to operate. When you pair virtual desktops with a cloud computing environment, you can rest assured that your applications, data, and files are always accessible, no matter which device your employee chooses to use. Plus, everything is securely stored on remote servers, preserving your critical information even if a computer fails.

Michael Abboud , February 6, 2022
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