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A cloud-based virtual desktop solution for your business

At the center of the Digital Bunker is a VDI that provides your organization a fast, modern, and compliant IT Environment that will keep your business online and agile 24/7.
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Don't let compliance requirements hinder your productivity. Hit 100% of your industry-specific compliance requirements while keeping all of your functionality.   


Avoid potential cyberattacks from occurring while keeping your systems and data safe & up-to-date with multiple layers of protection.
Security Operations Team
Have access to a 24/7 Security Operations team that provides support & monitoring to your organization.
Application & OS Updates
Keep your systems updated, patched, and optimized for performance and protection.


Digital Bunker gives you full access controls to your Virtual Desktop environment. Control everything you want your employees to see, have access to, or nothing at all. while monitoring device usage. 
Monitor Device Usage
Monitor login activity, network utilization,  file activity, & stay alert with live threat detection.
Automated backups with multiple data centers will make sure you're online at all times while keeping your data safe.
Monitor Device Health
From CPU & RAM utilization, disk health, to windows patching, take advantage of full environment visibility and quickly diagnose issues.


We will keep employees and IT happy by providing seamless integration with your existing systems and improving your IT workflow.   
Seamless Integration
Have all your software and devices connected and downloaded on all or selected desktops prior to production.
Work from anywhere
As long as you have a device and internet connection available, login to your VDI and get to work like you never left the house.
All your files in one place
Keep all your files synced into your environment and have unlimited access to them with scalable storage.

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