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Digital Bunker™. IT that Works!

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"
- Albert Einstein -

The Work From Anywhere platform.

At TetherView we believe “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. We have created a secure, compliant and unique turn-key solution to re-imagine the way companies structure their virtual desktops.
Virtual Desktops & Servers
TetherView consolidates the best technology to deliver high-performance Virtual Desktops and Servers.
Military Grade Security
Our zero-trust environment ensures strict data protection. We also protect your network and provide 24/7 support and monitoring.
SOC 2 Certified
Banking Grade Compliance
TetherView Private Clouds are built to the NIST/ISO Framework and are SOC, HIPAA, & FINRA compliant.
AWS & Azure
Optimized & specifically designed to improve public cloud performance, security and compliance.
Business Continuity
The TetherView Private Cloud is designed with multiple redundancies and fail-safes to mitigate against mother nature, man-made threats, and cybersecurity threats.
Pocket Protector™
Our B.Y.O.D solution enables your users to access company sensitive data from any device or connection-- securely and compliantly.
The Digital Bunker™
Rule The Cloud
The Digital Bunker™ is a private cloud that stands out from the crowd. The Digital Bunker is a comprehensive solution that solves for Security, Compliance, Disaster Recovery,  Mobility, & more. The Digital Bunker brings users to their data and applications with the use of Virtual Desktops, Pocket Protector (TV’s Bring Your Own Device solution) and SYNC (TV’s file sharing and collaboration tool).
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Experience leading virtual desktop technology, cutting-edge IT security, and protection against cyber threats, as well as a fully compliant system that is crafted to meet your unique needs.
Digital Bunker™
Cloud Based Virtual Desktop
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Pocket Protector™
Fully Managed Email Security Solution
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