Secure and Monitor Your Digital Workspace

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Self hosted, remote monitoring agent, 24/7 threat protection, & more

  • Remote Monitoring Agent
    • Alerts to your Team
    • Remote Control of End Point
    • Complete Patching
    • Chat with Users
  • Threat Protection
    • AI Based Anti-Virus Agent
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Alerts to your Team
  • Email AI Based Protection
    • Malicious Links
    • Phishing
    • VIP Impersonations
    • Personal Device Attacks
    • Malicious Attachments / Files


Hosted VDI, custom security, backup health, fully compliant, & more

  • Starter+
  • Hosted Virtual Desktop
    • Flat Fee per Desktop
    • Support large file types (eg. CAD)
    • Technical Support
    • Geo-Redundant
    • High-Performance Virtual Desktops
    • No charge for CPU / RAM
  • Monitoring
    • Custom Dashboard for Compliance, Security, Performance, User Activity
    • Network Operations
    • Backup Health
  • Security
    • Custom-built Fully Managed Firewalls
    • Network Segmentation
    • Restricted Application Access (Optional)
    • Custom Access Controls
    • URL Filtering
    • Geo Fencing
  • Compliance
    • SOC 2 TYPE 2 End User Experience
    • Change Management
    • Exceed US Regulator requirements
    • Personal Device Attacks
    • Malicious Attachments / Files


Custom Email security, Office 365 management, and Pocket Protector™

  • Starter & Hosted+
  • Fully-Managed Office 365
    • Multiple backups
    • Compliance Control
    • Additional Security Operations Center for Email

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