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It is important to set up a robust monitoring system for your email so you can detect threats before a breach.

You should monitor:
* Administrative changes
* New user creation
* Forwarding rules (stop auto-forwarding for email)
* Data loss protection
* Failed login attempts

Last but not least, be sure to train your employees. Your employees are on the front lines and act as your first line of defense. The better prepared and educated your employees are, the safer your network is. Regularly send test “phishing” emails to your employees and give users an easy button to flag suspicious emails. Set aside ten minutes each month to provide them with tips and tricks to improve efficiency (and cybersecurity).

TetherView can help you protect your email with our Digital Bunker and Pocket Protector solutions. The Digital Bunker solution includes fully-monitored virtual desktops, managed email, and email protection so you and your team can stay one step ahead of a breach.

Michael Abboud , October 31, 2022
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