Pocket Protector®

Full-time, real-time security and monitoring with fully managed Office 365.

Pocket Protector
Phishing, Zero Day
Phishing, 3rd Party Brand Impersonation

AI, machine learning, and
computer vision identify
patterns in text, image, and html
to identify potential threats. The
unique banner system allows
for borderline threats to be
flagged without compromising
business functionality

Personal Device
Home Attacks

Attacks on personal devices
are mitigated by conducting
analysis on the server side and
injecting the results into the
email, completely removing the
need for remote software such
as dedicated email clients.

Harmful Links

All links in emails are sanitized
using a sandboxed server.
The user cannot access the
link directly. They are brought
to a landing page showing a

Dangerous Files

Scans for harmful links,
infected PDF's, and embedded
code including scripts. Analyzes
text within each email and
attachment(s) to determine if
sensitive words or phrases
are used such as: password,
invoice, payment, etc.

VIP Impersonations

Identifies attempts to impersonate VIP's via email spoofing, typo squatting, or other tactics

Malicious Insider

Machine learning develops
behavior profiles and social
graphs that identify suspicious
emails that don’t match a
known profile, triggering an
impersonation warning

Email Protection

AI Powered PhishingProtection for Office 365.Computer Vision

Computer Vision

All incoming mail is automatically checked against over two dozen computer vision and text analysis models that “see” the message much like a person would; even very convincing forgeries are blocked.

Forgery Protection

Protects against both spear phishing and brand forgery attacks.

Easy Deployment

Deploys organization-wide in 1-2 hours.

User Friendly

The “Report Phish” link in emails would send the potential spam to our security experts. HTML sanitization blocks XSS, JavaScript, CSS attacks.

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