Best Practice Tips for a Secure Office 365 Environment

Phishing and social engineering are constantly the most significant threats to any organization. As you know, the weakest link in any organization is its employees. Unfortunately, slipping up and clicking that phishing link can be very costly and damaging. According to the Verizon DBIR, 25% of all data breaches involve some phishing to get in the front door, then a whopping 85% of all data breaches have a human element involved in the incident. By not correctly securing your O365 account, you can quickly become a part of this statistic. Let's quickly review some best practice tips for securing your cloud email.

Best Practice Tips
Security Banners

A simple yet highly effective way to set the security mindset of your employees is to enable security banners within your O365 account. These banners pop-up a notice at the top of the user email when that particular email originated outside the organization. This can quickly help to identify any potential phishing activity that may be occurring and reduce the number of social engineering attempts overall.

Whitelisting Email Access

Another way to add a layer of security to your O365 instance is to whitelist email access by user account and location. Think of this as a hidden multi-factor authentication (MFA), as even if the user's account credentials are compromised, the hacker won't be able to access the email box as their location will not likely match that of the users.

Enable MFA Everywhere

This should go without saying, but you would be surprised how many companies still fall victim to brute forcing their O365 accounts that do not have MFA enabled. By enabling MFA, you are quickly eliminating that "average" or "newbie" hacker from quickly compromising your account.

Watch our intro to Office 365 Security video below

Pocket Protector by TetherView

The above tips were just some east, low-hanging fruit options to strengthen your security posture quickly. Still, to fully optimize your security and your O365 management tasks, you will need a solution like Pocket Protector from TetherVeiw. Unlike most solutions, Pocket Protector focuses on O365 as a whole. This means they take security and management tasks simultaneously to ensure complete optimization. Below are some of the high-level features that Pocket Protector brings to the table:

  • Passwordless access to all your applications
  • Create a secure boundary for mobile O365 apps like email and browser
  • Unified endpoint management that covers almost all platforms
  • Offering Windows as a Service to provide enhanced security and performance
  • Forgery Protection against Spear Phishing attacks
  • Quick and easy deployment and management
  • Report Phish Button
  • Ensures you are not paying for duplicate services

The best part of Pocket Protector is its ability to create a baseline of normal behavior amongst your employee's emails. All incoming emails are checked against a baseline standard that is constantly updating to compare these emails against two dozens of others that are known malicious. This effort helps to reduce the amount of known malicious emails delivered to the end user by flushing out anomalies based on several important factors.