SEC Compliance Regulations

New SEC guidelines require companies to disclose:

1. The names of any board members who have cybersecurity expertise and the nature of their expertise

2. The board's level of oversight of cybersecurity risk

3. How often the board considers and discusses cybersecurity with relevant experts

4. In what ways the board considers cybersecurity risks in relation to the company's business strategy

SEC Compliance Regulations

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TetherView’s team has decades of experience managing risk for public companies to help them stay ahead of regulatory requirements. Our risk advisors have over 50+ years experience in the CISO and risk analysis world:

Mike Stiglianese: Former Risk Executive at Citi and BDO

Shahryar Shaghaghi: Former Risk Executive at Citi and BDO and adjunct professor at Columbia University

TetherView, in partnership with our Risk Advisors, will provide you with:

1.  A complementary 30-minute board presentation outlining the new requirements and processes that have been developed and implemented by our Senior Risk Advisors

2.  An assessment of your current policies and infrastructure

3.  An outline of the next necessary steps to improve your cybersecurity and help prevent cybersecurity problems