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Key Benefits of Implementing virtual desktops in Your Organization

Hosted Managed Virtual Desktops

TetherView®'s Hosted Managed Virtual Desktops provide a robust solution for remote work, ensuring a responsive experience with a maximum of 4 VCPU and 10 GB of RAM per desktop. Clients can seamlessly integrate their Active Directory or opt for co-management with TetherView®, ensuring a smooth transition to virtual desktop environments.
Outsourcing IT Infrastructure

Production Virtual Server

TetherView®'s Production Virtual Servers offer unparalleled performance and scalability. Equipped with enterprise-grade All Flash SSD, these servers provide up to 3,000 IOPS, allowing businesses to customize their server environment with included base OS licensing.
Managed Standby Virtual Desktops VDI

Managed Standby Virtual Desktops®

Acting as a crucial safety net, TetherView®'s Managed Standby Virtual Desktops® guarantee business continuity during unexpected challenges. These desktops can be updated and tested quarterly and seamlessly transitioned into production for up to 10 days annually in emergencies.
Managed Standby Virtual Desktops VDI

Backup Solutions

TetherView® offers both Warm and Cold Backup solutions for virtual servers, providing clients with a customizable, secure, and immutable backup environment. The Backup Agent installation and client portal access ensure precision in frequency, retention, and notifications, while Cold Backup adds an extra layer of protection with immutable offline storage.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer 

TetherView®'s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service grants businesses access to top-tier security expertise. With scheduled consultations and emergency call rates available, this fully remote service aligns with industry standards, offering comprehensive security coverage in a constantly evolving threat landscape.

Office 365 Management and Security Pocket Protector

Office 365 Management and Security

TetherView®'s Office 365 Management services cover mailbox configuration, real-time monitoring, and advanced malware protection. Integrated with SOC and SIEM, this service ensures compliance with industry regulations. The backup of Microsoft data to third-party cloud storage adds an extra layer of resilience.

Compliance Assurance TetherView

Compliance Assurance

TetherView®'s commitment to compliance is evident through automated monthly monitoring aligned with NIST 800-171 and HIPAA. User access limitations, application whitelisting, and stringent controls create a secure environment, while annual SOC2 Type 2 attestation provides clients with the assurance of a robust infrastructure.

Patching and Performance Monitoring TetherView

Patching and Performance Monitoring

TetherView®'s Patching and Performance Monitoring services for both desktops and servers ensure systems are up to date and optimized for peak performance. With 24/7 monitoring and automated alerting, businesses can focus on core operations while TetherView® takes care of technical aspects.

Tailoring Services to Your Unique Needs

TetherView's unique approach provides clients with flexibility through optional add-ons. Additional RAM, CPU, and IOPS can be requested, allowing businesses to scale their virtual infrastructure according to their evolving requirements.

In the fast-paced world of IT services, TetherView® stands out as a reliable partner for businesses seeking comprehensive, secure, and scalable solutions. From virtual desktops to robust security services, TetherView®'s offerings are designed to empower organizations, ensuring they navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and efficiency.

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