Cloud Storage 101

Today, the word “cloud” is one of the most common words used in technology. What most users fail to realize is how frequently cloud infrastructures are used especially with all the basic user applications; email, social media, even posting a photo on Instagram.

One of the basic uses of cloud computing is cloud based storage. Cloud based services are easily recognized by big names like Google Drive, OneDrive, Drobox, etc. But how does this work?

The storage piece comprises of several distributed servers connected by a widespread network. These network of servers work together to provide performance for accessing the data as well as redundancy by maintaining multiple copies of the data at different locations. Here are few advantages of cloud based storage services:

The user can choose to have as low as a gigabyte (GB) of storage tier or can also go up to several terabytes (TB) or even petabytes (PB) in some cases.

Cloud based storage services support several platforms and can be accessed from different types of devices; laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc.

Depending upon the solution being used, cloud based storage can provide enterprise grade security to users to manage their data.

Multiple users located at different locations can collaborate and work and the same documents at the same time.

The user can access files on the go from any location, from any kind of device as long as they have an active internet connection.

Chirag Chudasama, Systems Engineer at TetherView