Strengthening Healthcare Cybersecurity: HHS Standards and TetherView's Cyber Readiness Workshops

As the healthcare industry confronts escalating cybersecurity challenges, the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) has outlined voluntary cybersecurity performance goals (CPGs) to empower healthcare organizations. TetherView's Cyber Readiness Workshops are design to help healthcare organizations get a better idea of where they are in reference to these goals.

Cybersecurity Workshop

HHS Cybersecurity Performance Goals Overview:

The HHS has introduced CPGs, including essential and enhanced goals aligned with established frameworks. These goals aim to guide healthcare organizations in prioritizing and implementing robust cybersecurity practices.

Navigating Essential vs. Enhanced Goals:

Distinguishing between essential and enhanced goals, the CPGs set a baseline for safeguarding healthcare organizations from cyber threats. However, industry discussions emphasize the need for a more comprehensive behavioral change across the sector.

Empowering Healthcare Organizations with Cyber Readiness Workshops:

TetherView's Cyber Readiness Workshops are designed to review an organization's tech stack during an hour-long session with cybersecurity experts. These sessions aim to determine alignment with current standards and identify if there are any areas for improvement.

The Path Forward and Collaboration with HHS:

The HHS envisions collaboration with Congress to secure new authority and funding for financial support and incentives. TetherView's workshops guide healthcare organizations in making informed investments, navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape, and building resilience against potential threats.


In navigating enhanced cybersecurity, the introduction of voluntary performance goals by the HHS is pivotal. TetherView's Cyber Readiness workshops, with a focus on reviewing tech stacks and ensuring compliance, empower healthcare providers to meet and exceed these standards. This comprehensive approach fortifies defenses, safeguards patient data, and ensures uninterrupted care delivery. In an era filled with digital threats, TetherView's Cyber Readiness workshops play a crucial role in a resilient healthcare cybersecurity strategy.

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