The Future of Work and the Role of Virtual Desktop

As a society, we have officially shifted into a new era of defining what "Work" looks like. With the quick shift to remote work paired with the ongoing demands of increased labor and the need for specific skill sets that are in shortage, we are likely to witness a global shift in what the future of work looks like. According to, 69% of remote workers with two or more jobs feel more productive and motivated than those who have just one job.

Outside of the obvious benefits of remote work (more time given back to the employee), there are hidden trends that have also stemmed from remote work. These include employees understanding self-worth and more comfortable job jumping and technical employees having side hustles or even second jobs with their newfound remote freedom. In this article, we will dive deeper into these metrics to provide some reasoning and review technology for handling this new remote workforce that is both security/compliance and cost-conscious to future-proof an organization’s day-to-day operations.

Deep Dive into The Future of Work

Hybrid Work

Covid-19 pushed the envelope on the whole work-from-home craze. Employers stressed tested their teams by being entirely remote. Now that Covid is under control, it's time for employers to adapt and understand that remote work is here to stay. The concept of hybrid work, where employees come into the office only a few days a week or as needed for meetings, is the new trend moving forward. Many concepts are being adopted , like a rent-a-desk setup or a four-day work week. Employees have proven that they can be more efficient remotely than at the office (more concentration timefor completing work). Now that everyone has had a taste for remote work, it would be challenging to rule it out at this point without sacrificing talent and commitment to a job.

Revolving Door Mentality

Another popular trend that employers need to consider is that now employees understand their worth and can easily find another job opportunity that may offer benefits you are unwilling to extend. Employee retention will play a massive role in the future of remote work. Keeping the people happy who provide the best value to your company will be essential. Having a way to control your data and assets may be a struggle with this revolving door mindset. If employees are leaving at will or, say, every 6-12 months, you have to ensure you have a solid process in place to control your digital assets (both physical and data-driven).

Gig Economy

Lastly, with the economy the way it is and with demand for workers at an all-time high, the future of work will include workers having side hustles along with their full-time job (or even a part-time second job). With the newfound freedom, and the demand for specific technical talents, employees are seeking new opportunities for not only additional money but the ability to quickly grow their reputation in a particular field and for pleasure. According to an article from, a whopping 69% of remote workers have at least one other side job ! 46% of those individuals use the extra income to pay for living expenses. These numbers are staggering and are foresight of what to expect in the future of work.

How TetherView can help ease the transition

Introducing TetherView, your all in one solution to the future of work! Let's cover how exactly TetherView can help you adapt to this new work environment that will ensure all your bases are covered.

Hybrid work

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a common theme in the future of work. With TetherView’s virtual desktop solution - Digital Bunker, you can now rest assured that business data and applications are correctly segmented from the employee's personal data . A great example of how this can be visualized is if you picture a computer with three monitors; utilizing the Digital Bunker, you could effectively dedicate one monitor solely for enterprise work and leave the other two open for personal or gig activity. This can be done at scale and without violating compliance or security frameworks. The best part of all, TetherView doesn't need access to control the local device as the physical machine is not reliant on the Digital Bunker services; it is just used as a portal to access the virtual desktop experience.

Revolving door mentality

An article posted by the Wall Street Journal recently reported that 10% of remote workers that accepted a job and completed onboarding documentation did not show up for the first day! Another article by CNBC said something similar but raised that percentage to 22%.

These statistics are mind-blowing when you consider all the effort and resource hours to provision and onboard a new employee. With the new future of work on the horizon, you can expect to see more of this "ghosting" behavior as employees in high demand will be receiving competitive offers and may back out last minute. The question to ask yourself is, "Are you prepared to handle this" On average, it takes two weeks to get a new user up and running with a new PC. This includes setting up permissions, getting the computer prepped, and training the employee. With TetherView’s Digital Bunker, you can reduce this time to less than four hours (best case, within minutes!). You have to think about worst-case scenarios as well. If someone

wins the lotto and walks away from your company, what are all the steps and costs you must endure to get your physical assets back and attempt to control sensitive data leakage if that device cannot be recovered? What happens if the device is never connected to the internet again, how do you “wipe” it. The virtual desktop Digital Bunker can streamline this process and allow you to remove all the physical constraints of asset management.

Gig economy

By buying into TetherView’s services, you can ensure you retain the best talent by allowing your users to pursue other side hustles while keeping your company's security and compliance in check. Between Pocket Protector and the Digital Bunker, your employees or consultants will have the freedom to work multiple jobs and not cross-contaminate data. The best part of all, by offering these TetherView services, you remain competitive in the hiring market and can continue to recruit from anywhere in the world!