Virtual Desktops - The Ultimate Solution for Achieving IT Compliance

In the era of digital transformation, all businesses exist digitally and whether you like it or not, your business’s data lives everywhere. This presents many advantages, chief among them being increased flexibility and agility. But when it comes to compliance with government regulations such as NIST 800-171, many businesses find themselves at a loss. How can they ensure that their data is protected in a cloud-based environment? Virtual Desktops offer the perfect solution and here’s why. 

It gives the business full control over what the user has access to 

One of the great challenges posed for IT compliance is the lack of control businesses really have over the actions of their employees. Things like training can of course be useful in altering behaviors, but ultimately, workers can do what they want. 

This is one area where Virtual desktops can be a fantastic way to ensure IT compliance. By ensuring that workers can only access certain websites, apps and even USBs, the business gets a much stronger element of control. 

Additionally, limits can be placed on printing and even data access to protect against leaks and theft of sensitive information. 

Local devices are no longer a threat 

A virtual desktop can help protect local devices against the threats of hacking, particularly from public wifi. By using a virtual desktop, all of the data and applications are stored on a remote server, rather than on the local device. This means that if the local device is hacked, the hacker would not be able to access any of the data or applications. 

In addition, a virtual desktop can provide an additional layer of security by encrypting all of the data that is transmitted between the server and the client device. As a result, a virtual desktop can help to protect local devices against the threats of hacking, particularly from public wifi. 

BYOB - Bring Your Own Device 

Users now have the freedom of using any device they want. Virtual Desktops mean that businesses no longer have to provide their employees with company laptops or other devices. 

Similarly, employees can now reclaim time and freedom by having the luxury of working wherever they want. As long as there is consistent internet access, workers can work from the comfort of their home or the ambient environment of a cafe. 

Patching without disruption 

Another big advantage of Virtual Desktops is that they make it much easier to patch in the middle of the day without any disruption to the user. No need to send the company laptop out to the IT department or needing constant downtime. 

Quickly evolve or adapt to new challenges or requirements from regulators  

The digital landscape changes quickly and quite dramatically in the business world. One only needs to look at cases like GDPR which can both come into effect quickly but also impact how businesses operate quickly too.  

Virtual desktops enable adaptation and changes to be done quickly and efficiently across all users without the need for extended downtime or slow and cumbersome rollouts. 


Virtual desktops are clearly the best way to achieve IT compliance. They provide a level of security, efficiency and satisfaction for all parties that simply have never been achievable with legacy systems. 

If you’re interested in a high quality virtual desktop that is compatible with both NIST 800-171 regulations and the  SOC 2 Type 2 framework, then you need TetherView's Digital Bunker.  

The Digital Bunker creates an individualized virtual desktop for every user and provides the dual role of giving the company control over access to your business’s data while also staunchly protecting it. That way, you don’t have to worry about lost or stolen devices, data leaks or improper usage. All, this is included at a flat fee enabling you to have top quality security for a fair price. 

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