Why IT Directors Should Book a Microsoft 365 Assessment with TetherView

Leveraging robust tools like Microsoft’s Office 365 is crucial for businesses seeking efficiency and agility. However, a common misconception is growing among many organizations – the belief that merely using Microsoft products is enough to guarantee security, backup, and compliance. This misunderstanding can lead to critical vulnerabilities.


The Misconception: Microsoft’s Native Security Is Enough 

While Microsoft offers a variety of tools within their Microsoft 365 platform, including Teams, Email, and SharePoint, these services do not inherently include comprehensive security, backup, and compliance solutions. According to a report by Gartner, more than 80% of company data breaches are due to misconfigured cloud services, a risk that businesses cannot afford to overlook. 

The TetherView Difference: Enhanced Security, Backup, and Compliance 

TetherView stands out by providing meticulous configuration, ongoing maintenance, and continuous monitoring of these aspects. Our approach ensures your business is not part of the alarming statistic of data breaches. 

  1. Security That Shields Your Data

Microsoft’s platforms, while robust, require additional layers of security to protect against evolving cyber threats. TetherView’s security measures include advanced threat protection, end-to-end encryption, and regular security audits, ensuring your data remains secure. 

  1. Backup Solutions That Prepare You for Any Scenario

Data loss can be catastrophic. Microsoft’s native solutions do not include comprehensive backup services. TetherView offers automated backup solutions that are regularly tested for reliability, guaranteeing business continuity even in the face of unexpected data loss. 

  1. Compliance Management Tailored to Your Needs

Regulatory compliance is a complex and ever-evolving challenge. TetherView’s compliance solutions are designed to meet industry-specific regulations, ensuring your Microsoft environment adheres to legal standards, be it GDPR, HIPAA, or other relevant frameworks. 

Empowering Your Business with TetherView 

By choosing TetherView, you are not just using Microsoft products; you are enhancing their potential. Our expertise in managing Microsoft environments means your business can leverage these tools to their fullest, without the added burden of managing security, backup, and compliance. 

Don’t Just Use Microsoft Products, Maximize Them with TetherView

It’s time to move beyond the misconception that Microsoft’s tools are self-sufficient for your business needs. Partner with TetherView to ensure your Microsoft environment is not only powerful and efficient but also secure, compliant, and reliably backed up. 

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