Why WFH is Here to Stay

For the past 15 years, organizations have made a slow move towards enabling employees to work from home. One of the first enablement’s, was the 24/7 accessibility of laptops and cell phones. Workers were able to handle mission critical emails and calls—even on weekends. However, enabling true work from home was something that most organizations balked at—until this recent pandemic.

In order to keep workers safe, many organizations had to rip off the ‘work from home’ Band Aid and take advantage of a wide array of technologies. Amongst recent adopters of TetherView (within the last 30-60 days), most of them have decided to make a remote strategy a part of their organization.

CIOs from across the country have explained that tools like TetherView make work from home a current and future proof solution–for 3 main reasons.

  1. Scalability
  2. Security
  3. Reliability

Scaling Made Easy

As the early days of the pandemic rolled in, TetherView’s customers were able scale from 50 users to 100 users with the push of a button. The only thing necessary on TetherView’s end was understanding user profiles (i.e. their user permissions, functions, etc. which was designated by department leads or internal IT teams). Once those delineations were complete, TetherView assigned users to newly created virtual machines—at most this process took 1-2 hours. Additionally, TetherView enables organizations to have as low as 1GB of storage or several terabytes or even petabytes—plus the flexibility of accessing that data from different types of devices: laptops, desktops, cell phones and tablets.

For those customers who joined TetherView as a result of the pandemic, they have experienced something entirely different, but incredibly simple & user friendly. As organizations assessed their options of working from home, one of TetherView’s key differentiators is our Standby VDIs. These virtual work-spaces continually create a copy of an organization’s daily desktop applications, files, data, email, and business software. Once an organization begins working from home—all their files, folders and applications would be accessible via our Digital Bunker™.

Highly Securitized

Security has become a growing concern as hackers have taken advantage of this pandemic to target the work from home force. Unfortunately, companies that believe VPNs are the end all be all for securitizing their corporate data have quickly learned that hackers can bypass those protections. As previously mentioned, hackers utilize proxies to bypass VPNs. Often hackers will use proxies to hide themselves between “well known” or trusted locations, like personal computer, to mask their identity.

With TetherView–establishing VPN connections becomes a thing of the past. TetherView users access their workstations from single location that is highly securitized and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, TetherView’s Virtual Desktops enable a faster, more consistent connection than most providers. Moreover, TetherView eliminates local end points as a potential vulnerability to your organization.

Another security concern that TetherView has been able to eliminate for companies is controlling data. Our Digital Bunker™ enables the partitioning of data. In other words, we provide access controls as well as monitoring tools which can tell an IT team who accessed which file, for how long and if they downloaded it. Additionally, we can seamlessly remove user access from certain sensitive data.

Reliable from Any Device or Location

Two weeks prior to the announcement of sheltering in place, one of our customers (a publicly traded real estate investment trust) began contemplating the effort it would take to enable their workforce to move from their New York City offices to home. As our customer quickly learned, enabling work from home was as simple as logging into their virtual workspace.

Additionally, internet speeds and devices—all became irrelevant. When a user accesses their Digital Bunker™ not only can they access it from any device—they are also connected to TetherView’s fast and reliable network. This ensures that regardless of the device’s make or model users will have a seamless experience with their network.

As businesses continue to transform and adopt digital workplaces– leaders must learn how to build IT strategies that solve for security, governance and performance. COVID 19 has expedited (if not launched) companies’ plans to enable work from home. We believe that our tools will enable workforces, from any industry, to work from their home office or corporate office. To us (and our customers) it’s all the same!