Cyber Tips for a Safe Workplace in 2022

Keeping a safe cyber environment is the responsibility of the entire company. Having proper training while practicing proper cyber hygiene is important to protect your workplace. Follow these cyber tips & improve your organization’s cyber defense plan with our tips below.

1. Practice Strong Password Management

Good password practice is important in keeping your data safe. Never use the same password twice, use a password management tool, and make sure to do occasional resets. Using password generators can help you create randomized passwords that you can keep in a secure password vault such as LastPass.

2. Avoid Mixing Work & Personal Device Use

Mixing work and personal device activity can lead to unsafe browsing habits at the workplace. Avoid logging into any personal accounts like emails, leisurely browsing the web, and do not download any non-work-related applications on a work device.

3. Look out for Phishing Attempts

Socially engineered emails are dangerous and can catch you off guard if you don't know what to look out for. Save yourself a lot of time and energy by training your eye to spot inconsistencies in the email through the domain name, suspicious attachments, and be wary of messaging asking for urgent actions to be completed.

4. Keep your devices patched & updated

Patching and keeping your devices updated can solve problems before you even know they're there. Mitigate the risk of a zero-day vulnerability, enjoy software improvements, and protect your data through patching and updating your devices on a regular basis.

5. Make sure all employees are properly trained

Proper safety procedures, internet use, & email policy. Having proper cyber training during the onboarding process and occasional checkups every few months will keep your employees well informed and secure.


In conclusion, proper training is just as important to your organization as your IT infrastructure, and not following safe procedures is just as bad as leaving your door unlocked with your alarm system off at home.

With many new tricks bad actors are using to get into company systems, keeping everyone informed on the latest threats and practicing good cyber habits will keep you and your customers safe.