SOC 2: The Security and Compliance Balancing Act

Everyone wants that SOC2 seal of approval for their business, thinking that it makes them more secure and marketable. In reality, the SOC2 for most organizations is a balancing act between security and compliance controls to make the organization FEEL and LOOK secure. Since organizations can dictate the scope of what the SOC2 audits, it can be very misleading as to the entirety of what the SOC2 is covering.

The true nature of the SOC2 is to instill security best practices and holding companies accountable. By limiting the scope or just completing SOC2 items by "checking the box," you are doing both your company and the community a disservice as the entirety of your digital presence may still be insecure.

As an IT Manager, you may not even be attempting to "check the box" on purpose. But when deadlines approach, and you haven't got the time or resources to properly implement to manage all the controls required of the SOC2, compliance officers are put in a tough spot to ensure the SOC2 audit is completed successfully.

Luckily, Tetherview has come up with a seamless solution that allows you to be upfront and honest about the true scope of your SOC2 and ensure all required controls are in place and constantly managed and monitored.

We would like to introduce you to our Digital bunker solution.

TetherView’s Virtual desktop solution called Digital Bunker is an all-encompassing solution to satisfying all phases of the SOC2, and it does so the right way.

From a security perspective, Digital Bunker builds a golden standard virtual desktop image or template that meets all requirements and includes a 24/7 SOC to help monitor and protect your assets. Custom-built firewalls can be configured to satisfy any network topology (cloud or On-premise). Also, since Digital Bunker is a living environment, you can rest assured that configurations are constantly monitored and updated as required (including anti-virus products!) Using Digital Bunker has successfully removed the threat of the local device the user is logging in from and has created a single point of entry to monitor and ultimately lower your risk landscape.

On top of all the security controls that have to be considered with performing a SOC2 audit, Digital Bunker accounts for compliance, backups, and BCDR(Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery). By reinforcing that single point of entry, You have effectively limited the overall scope of your SOC2 coverage (legitimately). You no longer need to worry about using an environment scope that "Looks" sound. With Digital Bunker, you can confidently go into a SOC2 audit with an honest set of controls in hand.

Lastly, Since Digital bunker is a Virtual desktop solution, this means users can log in from anywhere, which provides flexibility and mobility for your workforce. Digital Bunker can seamlessly integrate with all of your applications with its custom-built approach to ensure user example is the priority.